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Friday, October 12th, 2012
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A very solid edit by the guys at Vanquish, featuring Factory Supercross star Jeremy Rommel. It goes behind the scenes with The General for some on-street cruisin and on-track shreddin. Includes footage from Apple Valley BMX, the Supercross “Playground” and assorted other locales in So. Cal.

After watching the edit a few times, we got totally hooked on the first song “Stranger” by Made J, and promptly busted an iTunes purchase for the download.

In the middle, Rommel talks about the progression of the sport, and how the stoke-factor is huge now that the UCI BMX Supercross series is getting more and more popular.

“It’s a whole different riding style. A lot faster, the jumps are a lot bigger…”

Production values are very strong, with multiple locations, good soundtrack and some “getting’ to know ya” shots mixed in with the riding. Whatever you do…don’t buy him balloons.

The End is actually at the 4:30 mark, but there is another 90 seconds of “bonus material” under the credits that puts a smile on your face. Including somebody riding in a Gumby costume.

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