The Knight Life – #2

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012
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At the end of Episode 1, Bryce Hocking, Justin Posey and Chase Hines gave us a brief taste of what was to come in episode two. No time was wasted in getting the trio suited up in the Marian Knights MTB kit, and out to a dual-slalom race at Michigan Tech. In Houghton, they encountered some BMX faces in the two-man gate. Logan Collins was in the mix for Lindsey WIlson, and raced both Bryce and Justin. We’ll let you watch the episode to see how the top four netted out.

There was some great action, and if you have never seen one of these races…next time someone complains that the BMX track is “too bumpy” send them to a DS race–you’ll never hear a complaint out of them again.

Then, we’re back in the dorm room, where live gets normal and real again real quick. Chase takes on the job of a human roto-rooter to solve a commode conundrum, and we were praying that the culprit would not be shown to the viewing audience. No doubt that Thomas Edison cried out in similar fashion when he invented the light bulb. A solid look at college life, if you’ll pardon the pun.

Some lifestyle stuff, sprints and such, and it’s off to Missouri for more MTB. Really diggin the riding footage, the on-the-road vibe, and music choices in this episode.

As we said on News last month, the first ep was a good first effort, but the second tightened things up well, and made the longer-than-most 12-minutes go by pretty quick, and leaving us wanting more. No highlight sneak peeks into what’s coming in Episode 3, but if it goes according to plan, another should be along in about a month.

—Mike Carruth

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