Final Ep. of Arielle Martin: Qualified

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012
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As the 2012 Olympics gets smaller and smaller in the rearview, the media spotlight is starting to flicker out. The final Arielle Martin-centered episode of the Team USA video series “Qualified” was released on September 28.

It makes sense that the final episode would focus on the road ahead. Arielle’s sights are now on recovery from the devastating training accident that destroyed her Olympic dreams for 2012, and landed her in the hospital for 13 days with a serious liver laceration, among other injuries.

In this four-minute clip, Arielle also talks about the personal and family toll that training for the Olympics has taken on her life, and how she is putting in maximum effort to get those aspects of her life back into the “normal” zone.

As outsiders who have never gone through something like this before, it appears that the life of an Olympian-in-training is just a lightly more intense version of the pros we see every weekend. In fact, it is all that, and a few rungs more, for as we have seen with Arielle, it is a dream that can slip away in a split second, and not come around again for four years. Of course, by that time, the game, itself, may have passed you by.

Arielle speaks, briefly, about a possible push for the Rio games in 2016, but says she is going to take a different tack this time than she did after Beijing. “The day after Beijing, I started training for London.”

The whole series makes for a good back-to-back-to-back playlist view on YouTube. We look forward to seeing Arielle back on the track soon–maybe in Reno, come January 2013.

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