Bones Brigade: Trailer and a Story

Saturday, September 15th, 2012
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It’s not new by any means, and it isn’t BMX either, but we were stoked enough about coming across the Bones Brigade trailer again today, that we decided to post it up. I haven’t talked to anyone who has sat through a full-length screening yet, but in the 2:31 seconds of the trailer, I am hooked, full-on.

We all have our Bones Brigade stories from the 80s. As BMXers searching for an identity in 1984, we huddled around one of my buddy’s TVs (the only guy with a VCR among us), and tried to make fun of the skaters (kind of a cats and dogs rivalry, and it was going to be tough to win us over). We couldn’t do it. It was just that awesome.

That first video (The Bones Brigade Video Show) floored all of us. We were BMXers from Chicago (at the time, transitioning out of racing, and into freestyle, doing shows, and trying to figure it all out). The guys on the screen were living the dream in the biggest way possible. It wasn’t BMX, but it was California, and every other aspect of the life we wanted a piece of, just with two extra wheels.

In the Summer of 1984, Steve Caballero and “The Faction” played a show in Downers Grove, IL at the home of a friend-of-a-friend of mine (Keith Garage, so named for Keith Lyons, the guy whose garage it was). It was an off-the-hook show, and there was a ramp across the street. They did their sound check, and headed over to the ramp for a short session before they went on for real.

Caballero sharked his board off the side of the ramp and blasted a kid (13 or 14 tops) right in the jaw with it. The faction tore it up that night, in one of the most memorable shows of that era for me.

Anyway, check out the trailer, then head on over and enter your email address for a free download of “Animal Chin”

Since its debut at Sundance earlier this year, it has been screening on the Art House circuit, and in nontraditional venues. On November 6, the DVD and digital downloads go on sale. Happy days!

—Mike Carruth

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