Why BMX is Safer than MTB

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011
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Not exactly BMX, but still good for inquiring minds, comes this video from South Africa. A couple hombres from the South Africa Jeep Mountain Bike Team are out for a ride in the bush, when all of the sudden, “blammo!” the lead rider is charged by a “Red Hartebees” antelope.

Shot on the GoPro bike-mounted camera of Travis Walker, and posted by Max Cluer–a name you may recognize, as he is the announcer of the UCI BMX Supercross World Cup series, and is the on-camera interviewer for the Universal Sports Chula Vista coverage we posted earlier in the week.

And while BMX has all kinds of dangers that may befall riders, we are never in the path of charging antelope, so that’s one blessing to count in our favor.

This vid was posted yesterday, and has an eye-popping 2,479,552 YouTube views. So, is it the real deal…or a convincing hoax like the famous Evan Longoria bare-handed catch video (5.8 Million views) from earlier this year?

You make the call. And wear your helmet…with a GO PRO CAMERA mounted to it…while you’re at it.

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