Arielle Martin and Lex Gillette “Discover” BMX

Saturday, April 30th, 2011
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Arielle has posted about Paralympic Silver Medalist Lex Gillette and (his rapping skills) their BMX based relationship. For those that need the back story Lex is completely blind and won the Silver Medal at the Olympics for the Long Jump. He also holds the American Record in the Long Jump. I ran Track and I am a track fanatic so to see these put two Olympic sports put together is amazing. Arielle walked the whole Supercross track with Lex and she spoke of how he felt the earth and told her how he looked at it in a completely different aspect. Well, in this installment Lex TAKES ON BMX, he rides the rhythm section on the SX track. It’s truly amazing.

Here’s the story via BMX News

Also, a video of Lex in HIS world!

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